Life Coach


For each session.

Let me help you bring a positive influence to your life through establishment of clear goals and progressive accomplishments that will give you the confidence and strength to lead you to the next level of your emotional and spiritual growth.

You will get:

  • Honest and straightforward discussions, planning and implementation of your needs and goals.
  • Development of positive life strategies.
  • Consistent evaluations of your development
  • Establishment of clear markers for improvements.
  • Clear trust and privacy.


Life Coaching,  3 sessions in 6 weeks – $310

As a Professional Life Coach, I care about helping you through life’s difficulties. Being a life coach involves more than just offering tips or advice to you. Life coaching requires I get to know you personally, assess your goals efficiently and formulate strategies to help you meet your individual, personal goals that will help you determine a more positive path through life’s challenges.

This is your opportunity to make the life change that you desire. Placing yourself in alignment with what you will accomplish. Your initial consultation is included in this package and then two other sessions within the 6 weeks. The Life Coaching package is perfect for relationship issues, additional motivation, business, spiritual consultation or simply needing personal advice.
Sessions are done online. Please add and message me 24 hours before your scheduled appointment on Skype, Zoom, Duo or Facebook Chat. Sessions can also be done over the phone on office number.

As part of my professional services, expect:

  • Honest and straightforward discussions, planning and implementation of your needs and goals.
  • Developing positive life strategies.
  • Evaluations of your development
  • Establishing clear markers for improvements.
  • Clear trust and privacy.
Why is coaching so important?
There are many reasons why coaching is important  but a common experience I find is trust, and here is what I’d like to share with you.
In my experience over the years as a life coach and from dialog with friends, co-workers and associates, I’ve heard numerous times, of people who confided in individuals they believed they trusted and hoped would hold their confidence, only to find their confidence betrayed. We all make mistakes in trusting people and it’s something we can all learn from.  As a professional life coach our sessions are private and no information you provide in our sessions will be released to anyone without your express permission.
I’ve suggested to people over the years that in some situations, it can be difficult or even unwise to confide in coworkers or even close friends that you’ve known for many years but we all at some point need to vent or talk to someone about our deepest difficulties. Speaking to a life coach, counselor or another confidential professional is a great way to express yourself, provide clarity and to guide yourself forward on a positive pathway towards ultimate solutions.
We can’t force others be more open minded or understanding to our current situation which could pose risks of ruining a relationship or getting our feelings hurt. Sometimes speaking to someone who is trained and truly cares about our human experience and emotional needs is the best way to go.
I look forward to helping you achieve your life’s goals.



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