Lilly Sky Tarot General Reading


Tarot by Lilly Sky Tarot

This is a General Tarot Reading that lasts 30 minutes.
This reading session costs $31.00. When you purchase, your session will be online via Skype, Facebook Messenger or Zoom.

Once I respond to your booking then you must contact me in the video platform (Skype,  Facebook Messenger or Zoom). If you wait for the day or the hour of your appointment to message me on the confirmed online platform, there is a strong chance of you not connecting (on time) for your appointment time which is non-refundable.

What’s included in reading:

  • One question tarot reading
  • Conversation after reading


Purchase your session below.  Welcome to Lilly Sky Tarot (Isa Danser) has over two decades of experience in reading the Tarot, book your personal and confidential tarot card reading with Isa today!  Please review Lilly Sky Tarot’s Disclaimer and Terms of Service



Understanding the Tarot

Tarot card readings are meant to help with getting a clearer perspective from one’s higher self and all information comes from within. The 78 cards represents different life experiences such as big events, principles, concepts, ideals and elements of ancient universal spiritual beliefs.

Our subconscious mind sees everything that we experience throughout the day, even if our conscious mind may overlook or ignore important details. Our mind and body naturally requires rest which allows us to function at our best ability. Giving the mind rest through sleep, meditation and even card reading, provides clarity on matters important to the reader or receiver. Knowing how to state the questions will benefit the understanding and best outcome.

You don’t have to be “highly Intuitive”/Psychic to do a tarot reading. The reading is based on the position and layout of the cards and or the cards next to it and therefore. A person who has heightened intuition can read anyone or a situation without a tarot card deck or other divination materials. Learn more at your reading.


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